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Lawn and garden service for Modesto, California and surrounding areas
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About Lawn Enforcement

Serving Modesto and the surrounding areas

You Have the Right to Remain … In CHARGE! (of your lawn care service.)


  • Lawn Patrol – A nicely cut, edged lawn, clipping free patios & walks. A real savings.
  • Water Watch – Save precious water and expense on garden irrigation with smart new advances in conservation; let our specialists troubleshoot your aging system.
  • S. W. A. T. Team – Special Weed Assault Techniques
  • Lawn Order – Opt for seasonal pruning and leaf-out service. A one-time clean-up gets your season started off right.
  • Your Weekend Pass – Go ahead! Enjoy your weekends doing fun stuff. Our weekly recurring lawn service crews are professional, experienced and CONSISTENT.
  • Homes Unbound – Free your home from overgrown weeds, vines, shrubs and low-hanging branches with our prune-trim-cleanup plan.


Lawn Enforcement Modesto is your local landscape maintenance company focused on defining customers’ lawn and garden needs, customizing the best approach to gentle lawn care, providing services and negotiating charges accordingly.

Our contracted gardeners receive their instructions originated by you, our customer. During the process, one-time or recurring, we will contact you regarding your satisfaction to implement any changes or additions. The process closes with your approval of completion. Get started today.

Commercial quotes and professional services, in addition to residential, are available promptly upon request.

We put our customers first, striving to serve in the highest business tradition.

Request a quote today! We look forward to helping you with your gardening needs.

Lawn enforcement testimonial

"Lawn Enforcement Modesto provided outstanding service to my specific needs regarding the landscaping I had asked for. Artie, the project manager, was continuously in contact with me throughout the project. She was very thorough in explaining what was to be expected throughout each work day. I highly recommend them in any project or service they offer. Great job, Lawn Enforcement Modesto!!"
Isaac K.

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